Outdoors show….

Well thanks to my free ticket from Paramo I visited the outdoors show on Sunday.

Enjoyed the show very much got some ideas on ruc-sacs, as I need a new one for the GR20. Any suggestion would be helpful ???

Preferred the ones more suited to climbing , the Lowealpine mountain attack,but didn’t like the fact it had no side pockets or webbing on the front, which can come in useful, when walking.

Got to say hello to Stuart from country walking forum….. but none of the Guys on the RA stand used the Forum so I escaped there…  🙂

Geoff  got a fantastic little tent The terra-nova competition will be very cosy for the 2 of us !!.  I was amazed at how easy it was to put up, even for a blonde like me……

As it was Mothers day too I also got to call in to see my mum, as we practically passed their door on the way to Birmingham, was the first time in aprox 25 years that I have seen my mum on Mothers day.

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  1. Lay

    Hi Sally,

    GR20 enjoyment is inversely proportional to pack weight – so the lighter the sack and contents the better IMHO. We didn’t go with any special lightweight gear but our full packs were around 12kg including food, water and a share of the tent. You’ll pass a lot of people with considerably more weight.

    You will appreciate a good fitting sack thats doesn’t slop about on the Cirque de la Solitude scramble.

  2. BG

    Re. titanium pegs – the Alpkit Tikes are excellent value (10 for £15 inc. VAT and p&p, even cheaper if multi-buying) and are really strong. Highly recommended.

  3. Foxy

    The titanium pegs are nice @ 11gm and a nice price too. I’ve seen some aluminium pegs on Alpkit website. 6 for £5 weighting a bit more @ 33gm. But there do a multi-buy saving, I think it was 10 for £4.50. So more pegs the cheaper it gets and it’s free postage for standard delivery. May get some myself.

  4. Geoff

    hi Foxy yes it is that tent. Point noted about the pegs. I have been looking at titanium ones on the web. Any preferred ones?

  5. Foxy

    am, I right, it’s the TN Laser Comp tent you have, if so. Be careful with the carbon pegs, heard some bad reports of them breaking. nice tent all the same.

  6. BG

    Hi Sally

    Just popped in to say hello. Oh, and keep an eye on that Darren character – the first time I met him, I didn’t think he was weird at all, but now I’m beginning to believe him 🙂


    Stef (BG)

  7. Welshcakes Limoncello

    I’ve got no idea about outdoor activities, I’m afraid so I can be no help on ruck sacks! But glad you saw your Mother on Mother’s Day. Er – I’ll do my “outdoor living” by reading your lovely blog!

  8. sally

    Hi Again, Weird Darren, Shame i wont be able to make it to Wisbech at week-end as I am walking In Rockingham on saturday then off to Hope in derbyshire…..will be first time i’ve seen the hills for months and months…..and I am ssoooo excited 🙂
    I E-mailed TGO to see if i can get hold of a back copy

  9. Weird Darren

    Sally, if you can get to Holmes Garage in Wisbech St Mary on Saturday morning then I can hand you a photocopy of the two articles, or even Wisbech in the afternoon.
    I’m back up that way visiting my Nan and Mum, while also getting a service of the car done.
    AFAIK the article isn’t online, and I’m not sure if you can order back issues or article reprints. It may be worth calling TGO and asking them, they are very helpful people.

  10. sally

    Weird Darren, Many thanks for all the information, I will listen too and read it all. Can you read the TGO mag on line or do i have to get a copy from some where ??

    Miss Smack, yes you only get one Mum so should love her well….sure my boys will realise this soon 🙂

  11. Weird Darren

    The TGO Issue you want is November 2005, reread it on way to work this morning. Very good articles (one is a diary of the route, the other a discussion of gear taken).

  12. Weird Darren

    ruck sacks are an important decision, and you have to get one that fits and you get on with.
    What sort of weight are you looking at carrying?
    You can get away with a lightweight backpack if you are not carrying great weights. ie 10-15 kilo range normally.
    If you are looking at a lightweight pack I like the Lightwave S54, it’s a simple design, something that the new Golites seem to be getting away from. But then they maybe something you like, they also do female versions of all but one of their new range. There is a nice podcast on Practical Backpacking with an interview with the Golite owner http://www.practicalbackpacking.com/blog/archives/000020_pbp_episode_16_demetri_coupounas_golite_now.php well worth a listen.
    As for the more rebust and heavier rucksacks I have no idea. They are designed for heavier loads, and are heavier themselves.
    Try asking for feedback on the OM forums, it’s probably best first to narrow down to one or two and then post asking for feedback on those.
    Oh and while I remember last year TGO ran an article on the Gr20, Cameron McNeish and Chris Townsend walked it, IIRC they list the gear they took with them. They also bumped into Paddy Dillion (author of the GR20 guide by Cicerone).

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