No Exercise…..

Apart from my walks here and here , I have done no other exercise for almost 2 weeks.

Why ??  because I fell over and twisted my ankle, yes I kept very quiet about it . After falling over I carried on to walk 21 miles, it was not until I took my boots off that I felt how sore my ankle was.

Then after a day at work, where I am on my feet for 6 hours, it became very swollen, since then I have been taking care of it, wearing a support bandage and doing no exercise.

Trouble is I am now desperate to go out jogging,or down the gym, which I know I cannot so tomorrow I may have to get my beloved mountain bike out.

I was into Biking long before Walking, used to spend half my life at Thetford Forest biking the Black mountain bike route.

When I lived at Marham I had a wonderful route that took  me through Shouldham Warren , across country by the river , and back through the fen.

Last year I did the bike event 50 mile ride from Norwich, and the Waendel week-end, walking 19 miles on the Saturday and biking 25 miles on the Sunday.

Tomorrow could be the first time my bike has been out since October.

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