A Muffin Recipe….For Foxy

Chocolate muffins , irresistible and with less sugar and fat than standard chocolate cake.

9oz self raising flour

half teasp of bicarbonate of soda

half teasp of salt

4 tablsp unsweetened cocoa power

5oz white granulated sugar

1 egg

8fl oz milk

3 fl oz corn oil

1 teasp vanilla essence.

First prepare muffin tins and preheat oven to 190/200 C

In a large bowl sift together flour,bicarb,salt and coca powder. stir in the sugar.

In another bowl, beat the egg ,with a fork, stir in the milk,oil and vanilla essence.

Pour all wet ingredients into dry, and stir until combined, no dry flour should be visible.

Fill muffin cases 3/4 full and sprinkle tops with chocolate drops or nuts.Bake for 20-25 min’s.

( I put the chocolate drops or nuts into the muffin mixture rather on top )

Now enjoy !!!

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13 thoughts on “A Muffin Recipe….For Foxy

  1. Foxy

    Ohh Sally, I don’t think there is much chance of that. What with all the Walking & Cycling I do. I’m the one of the lucky ones who can eat and not put weight on, my ex-girlfriend was very jealous of that.

    I’m going to have the last three tonight with a pint of lager. Thanks again.

  2. Foxy

    Hi Sally, again.

    I’ve enjoyed baking the Muffin’s tonight, but boy they did smell and taste good. I’ve had 4 already and go down well with the Mc.Ewans Champion.

    Can you do me another recipe, any will do.


    Foxy (the secret muffin eater)

  3. sally

    Hi foxy,
    That was quick work, hope they taste as good as they smell, if you want another recipe just ask, banana ones are good with choc or nuts…

  4. Foxy

    Hi Sally, Well I’ve just make my first batch of Choc Chip Muffin’s and they have just come out of the oven and look delicious (smell good too). Just waiting for them to cool off, I did add some Glace Cherries (left-over from xmas) and went to town on the Choc Chips. it will give a excuse to get some training done for C2C in 12 weeks time.

    Thanks again.

  5. sally

    Foxy , Glad you like the recipe, hope you enjoy making them and eating them even more…you must let us know how your walk goes 🙂

  6. foxy

    Thanks for the recipe, Sally. What a kind person you are. I shall print the recipe or write it down and will bake some. for 4/5 days, I would say a dozen muffins will get me across the Lakeland fells.

    Thanks again.

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