Hugh’s Road trip of Love

Well the Road trip seems to be going well. You can read all about it here. The video’s are well worth a look.

But I wonder how many people were disappointed to find they could not get a bottle of this Big Love wine.

After following Hugh’s blog post’s I was very disappointed to find I could not get this wine in my local  Tesco store. 

Not to be put off I tried to order a bottle but that was not allowed either. Finally I tried on line but not available there till March.

So after getting all excited about it I felt a little let down, and wonder how many other people that had been following his blog also felt the same.

Luckily for me a bottle fell into my hands yesterday, proving that sometimes its not what you know but who you know………..


Update…you can vote for your favourite cartoon label here

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4 thoughts on “Hugh’s Road trip of Love

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  2. Anne

    Love the label … bit annoyed because was trying to get to hugh’s trip in Abingdon…but unfortunately I will be working for another company beginning with “S” LOL so can;t get there…so close but yet so far….

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