GPS v Pedometer

How accurate is a Pedometer compared  to a GPS

For measuring distance  over flat ground I think a pedometer can be just as good.

Take my walk yesterday as an example,

my pedometer said 19.4 miles walked over 5 hours 22 min’s

Geoff’s GPS said 19.1 miles in 5 hours 10 min’s.

Whether it would be so accurate over the hills I don’t know.

It has also been discussed here  with some interesting opinions. 

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2 thoughts on “GPS v Pedometer

  1. brian (not tescos)

    lol – I wonder who’s thread you’ve linked too! 🙂
    Mine is stillonly in 4 figures – it measures heavy steps – walking in slippers doesn’t count
    I havent calibrated it – only using it for counting steps

  2. Ellee

    Sally, It doesn’t sound too different. What did your watch say for the timing? That must be accurate, then you would have your answer. I’m still struggling to get my pedometer sorted, I’m hopeless with those things. I did a 2 hour walk this morning.

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