Having had a break for a few weeks I am craving some exercise. Exercise has become part of my daily routine, just like most find time to watch TV, I find time to exercise.

Don’t get me wrong I am not addicted to exercise,and don’t exercise every day but maybe 5 days out of seven . my mood dictates what kind of exercise I do but I do enjoy some thing that makes me work and some times when I start I don’t know when to stop.

I used to jog, was a great stress relief and the only way I could find to relax, then my knees started hurting so I stopped but just recently I’ve had this real big urge to start again. Then I read this article and have decided maybe I will leave the jogging and stick to the biking , walking, and gym

The question is though….can a 3 mile walk ever be as good as a 3 mile jog ??

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