What a gift…..

Far too excited to write a real post,but had to try it out.Best Christmas present ive ever had, going to have tons of fun……Thank you so much Geoff

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7 thoughts on “What a gift…..

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  2. sally

    Hi Elaine, Great to hear from you too, hope to walk up your way some time next year so will be sure to come visit you too, Hope you all had great Christmas xx

  3. elaine

    hi sally, great to hear from you, (and see you!!) i must try and visit you, glad you’ve had a good day. xx

  4. Ellee

    Sally, This was the best present I had from Geoff for my birthday, he is one in a million, you are a very lucky girl, I know you will have lots of fun with this. You will be able to write a great post about our weekend walk in Norfolk at the end of January I’m so very happy for you. And consider yourself linked, btw.

    Geoff, no excuse for you not to blog now, you can’t blame Sally!

    My family will kill me if they know I have been blogging today. HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you both. xxx

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