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Passion Cake

We have some friends that are getting married at the end of march, the reception is going to be a tea and cake affair , fitbit will not like that at all 🙂

Passion Cake

Obviously I offered to make a cake, it was suggested that I make my trademark muffins but I wanted to make something a little more special, so the search for a recipe began !

Then I remembered about a cake recipe that I had seen on a blog,that would be just perfect, but could I remember which blog…..no ! so the big search began and finally thanks to Geoff and google history I found the cake I wanted.

These friends came for dinner at my house last weekend so it was a perfect opportunity to try the recipe out, it was a huge hit, not only did it look beautiful but it tasted delicious too.

You have to admit a Passion Cake is just perfect for a wedding 🙂