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Skiing in Les Gets

I have been very lucky to have a weeks skiing in Les Gets every January since 2007.

Les GetsThe first year I went I could barely stand up on ski’s, so it still amazes me that I mastered the art of skiing especially as it scares me to death !!

The big debate this year was wether I would wear a helmet and just to please everyone and stop the nagging I did wear one !!  

Unlike other years I had no bright sunny days,so the light was very flat which I found difficult to get used too but I enjoyed the blue and red runs and came home with no broken bones πŸ™‚

After a week’s skiing I always come home thinking if I can ski then I can do anything !!!

Having Fun !

Finally after being here 4 days I felt well enough to ski.. and the sun came out to celebrate too πŸ™‚

mont chery Its my 7th season here, which I can hardly believe, its also colder than I have ever known it be before…

Today for the first time I went off skiing by myself and had a lovely time doing my favourite blue runs over on the Chavannes.

Tomorrow we have guests coming for the next week, I am so looking forward to going skiing with them on the lovely blue/red runs which i enjoy so much but Geoff wont do on a snowboard.

I am sure they will teach me lots too and as usual it will be hard to leave and go home but I still have another 4 days to enjoy πŸ™‚

Christmas cake skiing and knitting

We may not have had a traditional Christmas dinner but the Tartiflette was delicious.

Christmas 2012One thing we did not miss out on was a Christmas Cake, Isla and I made it while Geoff was in New Zealand and we bought it over to Les Gets with us.

This years cake seemed to be extra nice, maybe because of our lovely snowy surroundings.

As well as skiing, quite a bit of knitting has been done this holiday too, I have been doing my socks and I taught Emily how to cast on and do the basic knitting stitch and her scarf is growing quickly, far more quickly than my socks πŸ™‚


After fresh snow durring the night we had a great morning skiing and my confidence is growing again, with only one bad crash this time and a lovely bruise to show for it I am happy with my progress really its only my fear of speed that stops me πŸ™

A Unique Christmas

For the first time in my life I have been out of the UK for Christmas.

Skiing on Christmas Day has been fantastic πŸ™‚

Christmas dayI cannot lie and say I wont miss my Christmas dinner,but while up on the mountain we did call into the Grand Ourse where I had a good smell of the Hog roast which should keep me going till I cook a christmas dinner.

I am looking forward to a few hours skiing tomorrow before we fly home late tomorrow night……


BUT I wil be back here in Les Gets for 10 days skiing from 12th Jan lucky lucky me !!!!

Now I am going to make a traditional french dish for our dinner……  A tartiflette





Waiting for the Sunshine

This will be my 6th year out in Les Gets skiing but even so I still get very anxious when we go out for the first run or two.

So this afternoon when we set off up Mont Chery I was worrying about wether I would remember how to ski, by the time we reached La Grande Ourse it was almost zero visability which didn’t help πŸ™

After a Vin Chaud, its seemed the cloud had cleared a little so we decided to make our way down the mountain, I was slow and careful but the snow was good and I quite enjoyed it, so off we went back up, only to discover that the visability had deteriated even more…….

So we called it a day and hope the predicted sunshine arrives tomorrow πŸ™‚

We then decided to go for a quick FitBit walk to burn some calories, which is a very addictive little gadget, it will be interesting to see what difference it makes to my weight over the next month or so.

To finish the evening off we met up with some friends for an apres ski drink at Barbylone and yes it was all in our calories allowence :-).

Anthony and Kay then returned home with us for some dinner, before they left we arranged to meet up later in the week for some skiing πŸ™‚



Mont Chery

Today as its getting to the end of my holidays, we decided to go and try the ski runs on Mont Chery.

They were far better than we expected but still no where near as good as they should be πŸ™