Run up to Christmas..

As you can see from my header, we had a great, fun, Christmas parkrun.  What really made my day though was discovering an e-mail offering me a place in the Ely 10k on New Years eve 🙂

Geoff and I then went off to have a fabulous 3 nights at The Ship in Dunwich, a truly excellent place to stay if you enjoy the coast in winter.

We managed 2 great walks avoiding all rain,although plenty of the footpaths were flooded and foot bridges had been washed away in places !!

We arrived back in Cambridge today after stopping at the Emmerdale Farm shop, in Suffolk, where we managed to buy everything needed for our Christmas day feast, no queues no hassle no fuss !!

I then had time to pop into Advance Performance for a new pair of running shoes, where I am always impressed with the advice and knowledge they offer.

IMG_1129It was nice and quiet in the shop today so they had plenty time just for me…… it seems my lower back/hip ache is caused because I swing my hips when I run instead of lifting my knees !!

Apart from the fact that my shoes were totally knackered they had been a very good fit.

So after trying on a few shoes, including a lovely pair of ladies, purple Mizuno,  which just didn’t feel quite right I opted for yet another pair of men’s Saucony, in a boring blue !!

I was also advised to change my running shoes after 500 miles or a year depending on what comes first..

Now lets see if I can end the year with a P/B when I do my Ely 10km

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas   x x

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