Getting fitter !

After years of running walking and exercising I thought I was quite fit,but felt I had become “stuck in a rut” doing the same things over and over again

DSCF7741So I decided to join the ladybirds running club, and started going to parkrun.

Then I had a great opportunity to take up Road Biking and amazingly my fitness has just improved in leaps and bounds.

Yesterday was my 10th parkrun and I managed a P/B of 27.45 something I never thought I could achieve then today I came home from my 50 mile bike ride with SWNC and for the first time didn’t want to lie on the kitchen floor and die 🙂

But best of all its great to have met a new circle of like minded friends who encourage me every step of the way  !

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4 thoughts on “Getting fitter !

  1. Gina Preston

    You are now Super Sally! But yes the most important thing is loving it all and having some great new friends x

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