Audio Book Number 3

I have just finished my 3rd audio book and I am becoming quite addicted to them, not only do i Screenshot 02:11:2013 21:15-8listen to them while out walking but I have discovered a Juice bluetooth Sound Square at home which is perfect for listening to my books on.

Its great for when I am on my cross trainer too and I shall put one on my xmas list !!

Anyway the book was another Sophie Kinsella, called “Remember Me“, romantic rubbish but easy to listen too and so funny in places….

Still wanting to join Audible so I can listen to newer books, like “mad about the boy” another book that I would never actually read but strange enough think I would enjoy listening too 🙂

Audible will have to wait though as I have a poorly boiler and a poorly Macbook , so its off to choose another free book from OneClickDigital


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