The Wherryman’s Way

At the weekend @sallyinnorfolk was actually walking in Norfolk and what a walk it was!

wherrymans wayWe tagged along with our LDWA friends to see just what we were made off, the plan was to walk the Wherryman’s way, which runs along the River Yare from Norwich to Great Yarmouth.

The website says the route is 35 miles from train station to train station.

As I was a little unsure about walking 35 miles and to make it easier for parking the car, we decided to start our walk at Whitlingham Country Park.Screenshot 30:04:2013 15:24-2

So bright and early on Sunday morning in perfect weather conditions,we set off on our longest walk yet.

11 hours and 34 miles later we arrived in Great Yarmouth 🙂

I was amazed at how easy I managed the walk,walking with girls that chat all the time does make a difference and apart from a few sore toes I had no other aches.

Not sure if the sore toes are from the new shoes, which had dreadful insoles with no cushioning at all, or just from the fact that I walked 34 miles.

All photos can be seen here 

Next its the GEAR 10k run !!

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8 thoughts on “The Wherryman’s Way

  1. Anne Arnott

    Just wondering how you know if the paths that say closed ,, are not really closed .. ,

  2. geoffjones

    A great walk & post but must remember never to walk all day with 3 girlies who incessantly chatter 🙂
    Also a pity about al lthe footpaths closed signs that, thank goodness, we cheerfully ignored!

    1. Anne Arnott

      So funny , as I was also thinking how Geoff would get on with females that chat chat chat!! whilst walking ,

    2. sally

      yes its naughty to have footpath closed signs up when they are not closed especially when it would have meant a long detour…..

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