Yorkshire 3 peaks

After having a good nights sleep we woke early ready to meet our other walking companion of the day, a fireman who also walks these 100 mile challenge walks.

We clocked out of the Pen-y-ghent cafe at 7.15 am eager to be on our way.

7.15 am and ready to go

It didn’t take long to reach the snow line and it was a fairly steep but short walk to the top of Pen-y-ghent.

IMG_8422 (1)

Then we took the new path down the Pennine way , which avoids the bog across the moor and a very nice path it was too 🙂


After some muddy paths and road walking the viaduct came into view and we knew the tea van was just round the corner .

IMG_8455 (1)

This is where we met other walkers and the lady that sold us the tea said there was a foot of snow on the top of whernside. It was a long slow climb to the top in poor visibility and very slippery conditions totally amazing to see people walking in just normal trainers, they had trouble standing upright at times.

IMG_8471 (1)

Going down was much harder than the walk up !


A great view of the Viaduct from the other side and then a great feeling to know the end was in sight.


The climb up Ingleborough was the hardest it was steep and very slippery but well worth the effort

IMG_8494 (1)

and  just as we reached the summit the fog cleared and we had a great view of the circuit we had walked.

IMG_8537 (1)

It was then down hill all the way home and we clocked back into the cafe at 6pm, making it a 10 hour 45 min walk which meant we qualified for the 3 peaks badge 🙂

IMG_8543 (1)A totally fantastic walking day , one never to be forgotten but let me tell you these walkers from the LDWA can sure walk fast 🙂

Another amazing thing is that in the summer people run this 3 peaks walk in around 2.5 hours and that is hard to imagine !!

Screenshot 22:03:2013 00:01-3



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