Changing my attitude !!

This evening I finally did something that I have been wanting to do since I moved house 18 months ago… I went running with the Lynnsport Ladybird running club

What had been stopping me from going was my attitude, as I believe in giving everything 100% commitment so if i cannot do something every week then I dont go 🙁

Running clubObviously with the hours I work and my commitment to my massage clients it means I cannot commit to social events on a regular basis so then I miss out !!

Just before Christmas one of my lovely elderly massage clients gave me a stern talking too and basically told me that I had to change my attitude she told me people would not think badly of me if I didn’t turn up every week especially when they knew how hard I worked.

So I have been mulling this over in my mind for quite a few weeks now.

Then on Twitter I discovered another running group that meets up In Kings Lynn on a Tuesday evening and Sunday morning, well I thought if i joined both groups I would have double the chance of getting out !

So with a change of attitude I found myself at Lynnsport tonight meeting up with the ladybirds, they did remember me from the past when I did the beginners running course, who they wouldn’t let me run with tonight, so I picked the 3 mile group and went off with them.

Apart from having a very nasty fall 🙁 it was great to do something sociable, I paid my yearly membership and of course they understood completely when I told them that i might not make it every week 🙂

and when i see my massage client tomorrow she is going to be well pleased !!!

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3 thoughts on “Changing my attitude !!

  1. Anne

    Well done.. I find it amazing that a lady you don’t really know , managed to get this through to you … .. but I think the problem is not your attitude, but fitting everything in .. and what you most enjoy .. it is not only attitude, it is time too. Sally you do work very hard and deserve your me time … and time with Geoff and everything else you have to do … xxx

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