Hiking socks and boots…

There is nothing nicer than having a new pair of  hiking socks.

This trip I have tried a pair of smart wool socks courtesy of Gear-zone, and I am liking them very much, they have a lot of cushioning which makes them feel soft springy and very comfortable.

It has taken me years to find a really comfortable pair of walking boots, in fact  I have loved my Scarpa Trek GTX walking boots , so much that I am on my third pair.

The latest pair were bought in July just before we went to the Pyrenees , this time I am not so happy with them, as although they are still very comfortable the heels have worn down after only 4 months.

I am sure Scarpa must have changed there boots in some way as Geoff’s last pair lasted even less time than mine 🙁

These boots are not cheap at around £120 and I certainly cannot afford to replace them every 4/6 months so the hunt for new boots begins again 🙁

If anyone has a boot they love, please let me know !!




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3 thoughts on “Hiking socks and boots…

  1. CherryPie

    I think you need to look at reviews in the walking books to help you out with the best quality boots…

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