Xanthos to Akbel

We had a lift back up to Xanthos this morning and at 9.30 we continued our walk along the Lycian way to Akbel

Today was a very tough day narrow rocky over grown paths made it hard going and the prickly shrubs irritated my delicate skin 🙁

Once again though we were rewarded with spectacular views especially along the aqueduct.

The route was hard to follow in places today so we didn’t reach Akbel till 4.30pm.

7 hours to walk 13 miles that gives you an idea how tough it was.

Tomorrow it’s a quick look at Patara beach, which is said to be the best in turkey and the only sandy beach too.

Then it’s off on a trek to Kalkan, a beautiful place , so we are told 🙂

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Location:KaÅŸ Kale Yolu,,Turkey

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