The secret wall

Back in Beijing now getting ready for me to return home 🙁

Few things to do first, most important was another walk along the wall.

They don’t really cater for people like us who want a real walk.

There are the tours to the tourist parts of the wall where you will find chair lifts to take you up and down.

All the other tours provide just 3 hours walking 🙁

Today we went off on a tour advertised as “The secret wall” walking along the real wall not the renovated wall.

It was actually the remanent sections of the great wall at badaling and very nice too but such a shame we could only have 3 hours walking.

At least it provided us with a nice 500 m climb and stunning views if a little misty.

Next job is to find Geoff a new camera.

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2 thoughts on “The secret wall

  1. Steve

    What’s wrong with his old one… it’s over 10 minutes old! Just tell him to go home via Hong Kong, problem sorted!

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