Fun in the mud

We had a fabulous last day in Yangshuo .

There are many advertised trips to water caves BUT only one of these is to the real water cave.

It took us some time and a task we would never have managed without David and Sakhi but eventually we were happy that we had tickets to the right cave.

We set off on the local bus to find the ticket office and from there it was another bus ride into the unknown.

Finally we arrived at the caves where all our belongings had to be locked away before we set off in a small boat.

The opening into the caves was very small and shaped like a half moon, we had to duck right down,but once in the cave it opened right up.

We soon left the boat behind and followed our guide around these magnificent caves,home to some wonderful stalactites and stalagmites.

Then the high light of the trip a swim in a rock pool followed by an amazing natural mud bath.

According to experts the mud is rich in 20 minerals,excellent for the skin and when you lie down in it you float,a totally weird experience 🙂

After all the mud it’s a quick shower before relaxing in the hot springs that flow from the cave seams.

A great way to end our stay here.

Mud photos will follow soon 🙂

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