Saving the best to last

This morning we took a bamboo boat down the river Li then a bus onto Yangshuo

The plan was to spend the next 5 days at a tai chai school but on arrival we soon realised the place was not for us 🙁

Luckily we managed to escape and after a quick phone call David and Sakhi came to our rescue 🙂

We now have a lovely room at the backstreet hostel for the next 5 nights thanks to a cancelation.

Yangshuo is a very busy lively touristy place and the scenery is breath taking.

Almost everyone speaks a little English here and most menus are in English too so it’s going to be a relaxing time 🙂

This afternoon we went out on another bamboo boat,this time with our new friends, of course Geoff and I could not resist taking advantage of being on the river and went for a swim.

Swimming in the river Li surrounded by mountains was far more beautiful than swimming in the river cam 🙂

The next few days promise to be filled with fun.

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2 thoughts on “Saving the best to last

  1. your dad

    ITS all right going for a swim in the river , but do you know what might be in there with you /????..STILL your out now , hope you didnt swallow too much..

  2. anne

    Good they job they had a cancellation and you had David and Sakhi to help 🙂

    There can be no comparision .. can there … The river Cam and one surrounded by mountains ….. !

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