Italian Ice cream

As Welshcakes Limoncello over at Sicily Scene is always telling us….

Italian Ice cream is to die for and so many flavors to choose from too.

I was very good and stuck to lemon sorbet and yogurt with fruit.

We also tried the Limonchello drink , not really my cup of tea but then I am not into alcohol but I did like the bottle it was served in 🙂

When I inquired if i might have the empty bottle, I was surprised not only to be given the bottle but to also find it full of limonchello too.

A perfect bottle for some of my home made Sloe Gin 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Italian Ice cream

  1. Steve

    The Tiramisu Ice cream was gorgeous… you really missed out there, admittedly I’ve not been on the wii fit since getting back!

  2. anne

    Can you not change your spell checker to our English? .. You were far too good Sally.. should of gone a little bit wild and tried an icecream .. !! 🙂

  3. sally

    Gledwood…. the spelling is down to my mac spell checker its American 🙁 we did see some very orange looking ice cream too but none of us tried it

  4. Gledwood

    did you see that blood orange ice cream that looked really yumsome

    also Simi had a fur cut and looks so cute lying on the couch like a golden teddie


  5. Gledwood

    really Sally, they have flavors in New York! Here we spell it with a U

    actually isn’t flavor also the Italian spelling..? I heard Americans justify their spellings bc they’re more true to the Latin original. or something

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