Cheese Fondue.

When we are over in Les Gets we always have Thierry and Gail over for a Cheese fondue.

Last night we did not break with tradition 🙂

To make the cheese fondue I followed this recipe

1. Rub the pan with Garlic.

2. Add 1 glass of wine per person.

3. Add grated cheese slowly ( 250g per person ) stirring continuously

4. When smooth add 1teasp of potato Starch.

5. Add a glass of kirsch.

As well as using cubed bread to dip into the fondue I tried a diced Apple and it was delicious, I would imagine grapes would be good too.

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7 thoughts on “Cheese Fondue.

  1. Devonshire Dumpling

    Its so lovely, that recipe!

    I Rubbed the pan with a bulb of Garlic. I added 1 bottle of wine per person. I added grated cheese and I added 1 teasp of potato Starch. Finally I added the bottle of kirsch. It tasted divine! (Mind you, I could’nt taste the cheese but… by heck… it certainly cured my insomnia)

  2. Gledwood

    Very 1970s!

    Did you know the Swiss Cheese Council are said to have invented fondue in the decade of disco and Abba to get rid of a glut in the Gruyere market…!

    True story!… (supposedly…)


    I hope all is well with you!!

  3. Geoff

    Made with 1/3 Swiss Gruyere, 1/3 Comte, 1/3 Beaufort cheese, We mixed the fécule with the Kirsch before adding to the fondue – Very nice too….

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