Feeling the burn…

I have not done a long bike ride since I met Geoff, and no biking at all in the last year while Andrew has been using my bike to get to and from work.
Then a few weeks ago Geoff announced that  he was thinking about cycling to his apartment in Les Gets.
The distance is just a mere 600 miles and he’s hoping to do it in around 10 days.
We then discovered that today was the annual London to Cambridge bike ride, a good training ride we thought.
Unfortunately we could not get a place on the bus to the start at Picketts lock.
This did not put us off though, so this morning we were up at 5am and cycling towards London by 6am.
Around the half way mark we started to bump into the fast riders coming from London, so we then turned around and made our way back to Cambridge.Thus getting to experience life in the fast lane 🙂
We cycled well over 50 miles, I did feel the burn up a few of the hills but never once gave in and walked.
The only part of me that aches is my bum 🙁 while Geoff has an aching back.
So now you must excuse me whilst I go and give Geoff a back massage.

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10 thoughts on “Feeling the burn…

  1. Phidelm

    Just a quick extra, Sally: Chiqui and Didier, my real-life mates from le petit train de Nice, have now relocated to Annecy … amazing coincidence!

  2. Phidelm

    Hello, Sally – greetings from Nice. I’ve been visiting – and enjoying – your blog, today. Am lost in admiration for the Chilean venture, a bit jealous of the rambling (haven’t had a chance to explore the arriere-pays or any of the national parks of Provence, yet – give me time!) and am taking my hat off to you for the distance cycling! Used to be a London cycle-commuter long ago, and loved it – easy to escape at weekends, eg along the tow-path of the Thames out to Richmond … heaven! PS Congrats to your son-and-heir on passing his test: v important life skill, that.

  3. sally

    Caroline…the Ely ride sounds good hopefully we shall try it out soon.

    Lady banana… dont think i would like the London traffic either.

    Pete…. my bum was too sore even for a massage 🙁

    Kristina…. Thanks for your comment and the link to the very unusual bike seat.

  4. Kristina


    I did the ride yesterday. I’ve been using a new saddle for about 5 months now which doesn’t require any padding but it does require a more upright cycling position, though I am still leaning over, nowhere near as much as on a racer though. I can honestly say that I will never go back to a traditional saddle. I have no aches or pains at all today unlike all of my friends who did the ride. My partner said he wouldn’t be seen dead with a big saddle like mine…I think he is having second thoughts today LOL !

    It is a heavy saddle but I’d definitely recommend it :-

    http://www.woollyhatshop.com/view_product.php?id=2593 It comes with an integrated post so you have to choose the appropriate size.

    Takes a couple of short rides to get used to and a few more to be able to balance without holding the handles but it is worth it !

    Good luck to Geoff on the long ride !

  5. Lady Banana

    Another thing that I have been lazy about, cycling!

    I got a padded seat cover and shorts with a padded liner in but I still used to get a sore bum after a long ride.

    I’m not keen on cycling in London traffic, I think that’s what puts me off a bit but I must get back to it soon, it used to make me feel good 🙂

  6. Caroline

    You need to get some proper cycling shorts – with a chamois gusset – makes all the difference.

    You can cycle to Ely and back, approx 46 miles along Route 11 and 58 of the National Cycle ways – a lovely ride to do on a sunny day.

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