As requested…

The recipe for the delish slimming world chips.

Peel potatoes and cut into chunky chips, I cut mine into wedges.

switch oven on at 200c spray the bottom of a non stick tray with oil.

Par boil potatoes for aprox 5 min’s and have tray warming in oven at same time.

Drain potatoes and shake them in a colander to rough up.

Add to hot tray, spray with oil ,sprinkle with salt.

Then bake for aprox 45 min’s depending on how brown you like your chips.

During the 45 min’s give them a shake or two and another spray of oil.

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2 thoughts on “As requested…

  1. anne

    Thanks Sally, I make them like that already..didn’t know it was from Slimming World…doing something right then!!!! Thanks for Sea Bass recipe too đŸ™‚

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