The tale of two walks…

On Sunday the 8th of February we met up with the Newmarket Ramblers for an 11 mile walk frsunday 8th 017om the monument on shelter house corner near Elveden.

Amazingly so did 33 other walkers πŸ™‚

It was a figure of 8 walk which apparently is always popular as many people just do the first half of the walk.

This was certainly the case today as only 11 walkers stayed for the afternoon half of the walk.

As usual Phil led us on a very enjoyable walk and we were blessed with some lovely sunshine after all the snow during the previous week.

Yesterdays walk was with the Cambridge Rambling club, it was advertised as a 14 mile walk but was in fact 16 miles.

Carolyn did a great job of leading us on what 3281393793_a21a333c1emust have been the muddiest walk I have ever been on πŸ™‚

I always enjoy walking with this group as not only do they do the longer walks but they are a fun group to walk with.

This walk started from the fancy new blue bridge on the Hardwich road.

If you have not seen this bridge before then its worth going just for a look, as the bridge itself must be a mile long πŸ™‚

Geoff’s Everytrail of this walk can be seen here and all my photos from both walks can be seen here

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