Jam and Muffins…

At last I got round to making my first batch of jam this year. jam 004

I decided to make strawberry jam for a change.

I got my Strawberries from the Knights hill farm shop. They sell  slightly imperfect ones especially for jam making.

This year making the jam was so much easier as I had got myself a proper preserving pan, so I had no mess to cjam 002lean up like last year.

Think I should also get myself a Preserving thermometer  too. 

Luckily this seems to have set just right.

I had quite a few left over strawberries, so I used them to make fresh strawberry and cream muffins, in between muffins the boys told me how delicious they were πŸ™‚

Now I need to go out blackberry picking next week so I can make my blackberry and apple jam too.

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13 thoughts on “Jam and Muffins…

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  2. mutley

    I made jam for the first time last week. Crab apple jelly from scrumped fruits. Its lovely and worked really well and as I used brown sugar its a crystal clear golden copper colour..

  3. Deb Acle

    “fresh strawberry and cream muffins”…they look stupendous! My tummy’s rumbling even now. Not at all sure how good your blog is for my diet!! LOL

    [Thinks] Can you have fattening and non-fattening blogs…? Should blogs post a nutritional content advisor πŸ˜‰ (ooops….given myself yet another idea for a post…!)

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