Home Grown…

In June I planted a crown of rhubarb in my garden.

After following strict instructions from my Dad, 4 weeks later it looked like this…

When I returned from my walking holiday in Les Gets it had more than doubled in size so it was time to cut and use the rhubarb.

Not bad for 10 weeks growth, so hoping it will do wonders next year.

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I made Geoff a rhubarb and ginger crumble..

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10 thoughts on “Home Grown…

  1. Gledwood

    Nothing beats a good crumble!

    I feel sorry for foreigners as aparently they don’t HAVE crumble… just yucky old pies.

    No: crumble rules!!

  2. Geoff

    All gone now and delicious it was too 🙂 Although the ginger didn’t really come through that strongly. Looking forward to next years bumper crop 🙂 Many thanks to brother Roger for letting as have a crown.

  3. Gallimaufry

    Lovely rhubarb – it looks like Timperley – thinnish stems but peerless taste. I put well-rotted manure on my rhubarb in autumn and a sprinkling of general fertilizer in spring. Odd really, because most people prefer custard.

  4. Siani

    Ooh – rhubarb and ginger sounds divine! I bet it tasted all the better for having grown it yourself.

  5. onethoughtfulwoman

    What wonderful rhubarb and the end result looks like a feast for King Geoff. Hope he enjoyed it.
    We have all eaten some with you.

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