On today’s menu…

Borlotti Bean Goulash and cheese Dumplings.

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1 onion chopped

2 carrots sliced

1 tsp caraway seeds

2 red pepper diced

8oz sweet potato cubed

2 tablespoon paprika

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1pt veg stock

2 tablespoon tom puree

140z can borlotti beans drained.

fry onion, carrot and caraway seed for 5 mins

add pepper, sweet potato, paprika and cayenne pepper and fry for another 3 mins.

stir in the stock, tom puree and beans then bring to the boil then cover and cook on low heat for 30 mins.

meanwhile make the dumpings…

3oz SR flour

2oz suet

1oz chedder cheese



stir all the ingredients together then add enough water to mix to a firm dough.

shape into 8 round balls.

add to pan and simmer for another 20 mins… 

it was really delicious even the boys cleared their plates. Maybe a bit spicy for us but would have been perfect for Geoff, shame he missed out this time , but it will be made again :-) 

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6 thoughts on “On today’s menu…

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  2. anne

    Thats what I thought but read this :-

    Vegetable suet is much better for you than beef suet

    False – Vegetable suet is suitable for vegetarians but it’s just as high in fat as beef suet, and contains as much saturated fat. The same is true for cheese.

    Vegetarian cheese is suitable for vegetarians because it doesn’t use animal-based rennet (it’s still made from milk) but this doesn’t affect its fat content.

    from this website:-


  3. anne

    Looks very tasty Sally. Don’t forget if you make it for Geoff you will nedd Vegetarian Suet!! I’m sure you would think of that anyway, but just a point. šŸ™‚

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