Two Grundles Walk…

On Sunday we took ourselves off to Stanton in Suffolk .

My friend Tessa was leading the Newmarket Ramblers group on there 12 mile Sunday walk.2621870143_9928d91e3f

She was surprised to see us and I got a nice surprise too as a friend of mine from the Cotswold’s was also at the walk.

Now its been so long since I saw him that I had trouble remembering his name… I am sure it was Brian… but then it could have been Boris, Bernie or even Barry :-).

The walk took us along the two Grundles… 

With regards to The Grundle, the book "Suffolk’s Ancient Sites and Historical Plaimageces" by Mel Birch, says…
"South of the village street, The Grundle – a gull formed as a result of melting ice at the end of the last Ice Age- was utilised in earlier times as a sunken way and remains today as a public path.

From Geoff’s dictionary the definition of a Grundle …  A fish  🙂

We really enjoyed the day , a great walk in brilliant sunshine with tea and scones to finish with, thanks to Brian, Boris, Bernie or what ever his name is…….

The walk route can be seen here

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10 thoughts on “Two Grundles Walk…

  1. Stile Guru (MIA)

    Sorry Sally, Grey matter doesn’t enter into with
    Grundle Trolls
    Gender might save YOU but not the Billy Goats Gruff!
    A slightly different definition than Geoff’s 🙂

  2. Chitkomg

    Looks like a nice place for a great walk especially with groups of other people.

  3. Martin Rye

    Good local walk that. I’ll take the wife and go do it on a hot day soon I hope, Like the site and the GR20 is amazing.

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