A walking Wednesday

Yesterday Geoff came over for a Training walk before he goes off on his Cambridge to Oxford walk.

We did a circular walk from my house via Castle Acre.2590647249_29da732c4a_m

A total of 18 miles.

I always enjoy visiting Castle Acre with Geoff as this is where we first met 🙂

We had delicious tea and cake at The Willow Cottage Tea Rooms.

I was amazed at how many glorious poppies we saw in the fields, a truly magnificent sight.

All photos can be seen here and the route here.

A great way to spend a Wednesday.

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7 thoughts on “A walking Wednesday

  1. Jessica

    Hello Sally,

    I happen to bump on your blog while looking for poppies field. Me and my husband planned to take photograph of poppy this year. I saw that northfolk has a lot of them. Would you mind sharing the exact spot whereby you’ve seen the poppies meadow the most?


  2. Leslie

    I can’t imagine seeing a field of poppies like that. My one little poppy plant has bloomed well this year, though, and gave us a brilliant showing from the dining room window. Each year it has more and more blooms on it.

    That was quite the walk! I sure wish my back allowed me to do a walk like that. If you pop over and scroll down a bit, you’ll find my post on Campbell Valley Regional Park where I walked 2.3 km on Monday through forests and what appeared to be alpine meadows. It was glorious! I sure hope my back can be fixed somehow so I can get back to walking more and further.

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