A colourful spread….

A boring day today so I spent some time cooking……

Butternut squash and ginger soup

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Apple sponge

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A healthy vegetable quiche made with no pastry

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To make the quiche you need…..





Dry fry them all till just soft, then add to baking dish.

Mix a small tub of cottage cheese with 3 or 4 eggs then stir into vegetable mixture.

Grate a little cheese on top then bake in oven for aprox 20 mins or until set.

Oven temp 200

Very low fat and healthy tastes good too  .

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4 thoughts on “A colourful spread….

  1. nunyaa

    Mmm the soup and quiche look scrumptious, is your butternut squash what we call butternut pumpkin?

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