More Wellington boots…

To carry on with my obsession with Wellington boots, here are some I found in Millets today 🙂


For a bit of fun You can also buy Wellington boots and Jackets that match.

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8 thoughts on “More Wellington boots…

  1. Ellee

    The problem is, I wouldn’t want to get them dirty walking across muddy fields. Are these for going out to the cinema or shops?

  2. camping girl

    How cool! I saw some fab wellies when I was supposed to be shopping for walking boots the other day. They certainly distracted me from the task in hand!

  3. Anne

    I love the white ones with flowers and things ….not practical because of the colour but very pretty. 🙂

  4. sally

    Hi Ellee…… no my son has not heard anything from milletts yet , he as applied for another job too so i have not given up hope just yet…..but its depressing 🙁

  5. Ellee

    My sister sells these in her shop too, I guess a lot cheaper too. Did your son get his job in Milletts Sally? Hope so.

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