Out with the country set….

When we left the Outdoor show we made our way to a small village just off the A14 called Hamerton.

I thought I lived in the middle of nowhere but this is even more remote.2338094358_a9e28c3e97

We had been invited by friends to the local wine tasting evening, to be held in the village hall.

An evening to be spent amongst the locals , mainly farmers and from the steel family 🙂

Louise did the talk and presentation of 6 wines all from Argentina.

First it was a Cava then 2 white, a rose and 2 red, one of them being oak smoked.

I am not really much of a drinker, but all wines were very pleasant, Geoff particularly enjoyed the oak smoked red.

A great evening w2337259591_73f0b4d38fas had by all.

The following day we had plans to meet up with more friends at Grafham Water and cycle round it on a tandem, but much to my disappointment the weather had turned bad so this had to be cancelled. 

Instead we had a guided walk around Hamerton and saw to our amazement how much flooding can be caused by one and a half inches of rain.

So a great day after all  🙂

Rest of the photo’s can be seen here…. http://flickr.com/photos/geoffjones/tags/160308walk/

Walk route can be seen here…..


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3 thoughts on “Out with the country set….

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  2. Geoff

    Yep a great time, many thanks to Lorraine and Alan for getting the tickets – The Cava was actually from Cava in Spain but the rest were from Argentina. Fancy me winning a bottle by guessing the duty on a bottle of wine is £2 🙂

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