Been a while….

Since I made some muffin’s.

So today I decided it was time to try my new silicone muffin tray 001

No liners required it says but I was wary, as my last attempt at using no liner ended in disaster.

To be on the safe side I decided to use liners for half the muffin’s , the other half I just sprayed the cups with oil and added the mixture straight into the cup.

The results were great and the silicone tray is totally non-stick.

Wanted to make lemon and poppy seed…. but had no poppy seed’s so made nut and cranberry instead ,  results…… totally delish

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3 thoughts on “Been a while….

  1. Emily

    oooh they look delish! I was thinking of baking a cake from one of my new recipe books this weekend πŸ˜€ I’m not sure which one yet… I was thinking something gingery for Dad πŸ˜›

  2. jmb

    Well I bought two of these silicone muffin things at great expense and used them only once. I did not like them at all and went back to my non stick metal, spraying them with Pam. You don’t have to spray the silicone ones at all Sally, they are totally non stick but I hated that they were floppy. Maybe I’ll try them again.

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