Summery of Holiday

I really don’t know why I skied so much better this year than last.

I was more confident and not so scared  but I think the real reason was the snow… it was so much better this year, not so icy and hard.

So home with no bruises  🙂  unlike last year.

If I am lucky enough to go next year I will treat myself to a nice orange ski jacketDSCF1819 as I just love the nice bright colors.

I did intend to wear my red walking jacket but the twice I went out in it I got mistaken for a ski rep as they wore Red !!!

Boys enjoyed the snowboarding ,the lesson was well worth the money but I was amazed at how tired they got.

Too much time sat in their room’s playing games on x box and PC and not enough exercise.

Maybe time to get Matthew down the Gym 🙂 especially if he’s going to join the Army. 

Left Geoff in Les Gets till 15th Feb so lets hope he gets some more snow as they need it now  🙁  especially for when Mark and Emily go out.

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