Big an easy….

When we went to get our ski’s I asked for some nice slow one’s 🙂iphone 054

The ones they gave me are called Big an easy so that did make us laugh.

The boys decided they would like to try snowboarding .

So today I treated them (or was it for me ) to an hour and a half snowboarding lesson. They got on well even though Matthew almost took the instructor out.

Theiphone 029 instructor came limping over to me and asked how we would say it in English I replied crippled.. 🙂

They had a fantastic day, even though they scared me half to death, it was fantastic to watch them pick it up so quick.

As for me well I skied better than I ever have done before , even the boys were impressed.

I only fell once….. until I tried to do something more difficult !!

Best if I stick to what I know I can do, that way I really enjoy it.

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