Facing my fears ..again.

Tomorrow I will be flying out to Les Gets with Geoff and my boys, for a week of skiing.DSCF1719

I am not the worlds best skier, here are my thoughts from last year.

I have grown a lot during the past year and have become a far more confidant person. Will be interesting to see if that confidence shows in my skiing.

This will be the first time I have been away with my boys for over 7 years so a very special holiday for us and very kind of Geoff to invite them.

They have been skiing once before about 8 years ago , where they had a week at ski school and took to it like ducks to water, I put it down to them being young and having no FEAR !

As you can imagine my house has an air of excitement about it at the moment.

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6 thoughts on “Facing my fears ..again.

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  2. Ian

    Enjoy the trip,i’m sure you will have a great time!
    remember, fortune favours the brave,it’s only snow! it won’t hurt!
    My eldest grandaughter ( she is 11 )is off to Austria with her school in 2 more sleeps!
    and she is also very excited.

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