A week of surprises… Part 4

After another great sleep in that fabulous bed, I woke up wondering what my next surprise was going to be….

After breakfast we went off for a last walk around the square in Marrakech then back to Dar Soukaina  to wait for our Taxi.

The taxi arrived and it was one hell of a journey getting out of Marrakech, totally amazing the way they drive, and one place I would not want to be driving in.

 We finally left the city behind and started driving into the countryMorroco 114 side… getting a running commentary from the the taxi driver, about anything he thought we would be interested in.

It was not long before we started to see the Mountains and what fabulous looking mountains they were.

After about an hour we arrived in a small village called Imlil, we were dropped off in the center, as the road did not go up to where we wanted to go.

We decide to walk up to The Kasbah , although we were offered a mule to carry  Morroco 059 our stuff we declined….. after 10 min’s I thought maybe we should of had that mule it was quite a steep walk and I was breathing heavy….

When we arrived they booked us in and took us upstairs for some mint tea… I can  tell you my mouth was wide open I had never ever seen such a beautiful place.The views were just stunning…..never in a million years could I ever imagine I would ever come to a place like this.

After a while we went to see about booking a trek up Toubkal… while Geoff sorted it I listened but didn’t really take it in at the time.

We then walked back down to  Dar Imlil , which is where we were staying, situated on the outskirts of Imlil village,it was just as beautiful as The Kasbah.Morroco 055

While we un-packed and settled in Geoff talked about our Trek up Toubkal , and it slowly hit me what it was we were actually going to be doing.

On my Birthday we were going to trek up the Highest Mountain in North Africa, we had our own guide, plus 2 mules, a cook and a mule boy…


The ascent was 4167m and it would be the highest either of us had ever been.

That night I fell asleep feeling very excited.

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4 thoughts on “A week of surprises… Part 4

  1. Gledwood

    Hey I hope you spoke beautiful French! If not Arabic! If not the actual Moroccan language which as you probably know by now is NOT Arabic but the local Berber…

    I went from WALES to MOROCCO by train and boat about 15 years ago… what I remember most blearily was the 2.5 day train ride back to Calais with not even 30p in ANY currency (except my treasured English £5 note!)… soon as I got back to Dover I indulged in a Mars Bar and got a crack cocaine-like sugar rush in gratification!

    Hope you had a good time… can’t read all this now as time’s short…

    do come by mine and leave your “hello” then I’ll have a face to return to (best way of jogging my memory: the sidebar won’t take any more people ~ no idea why)… OK take care!

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