A week of surprises…..part 3

After such an exciting day I slept like a log in a bed fit for a princess … but did wake to hear the sound of torrential rain during the night.Morroco 005

Morning came and it was still raining, but we spent a great time chatting and laughing with lady M,over a fantastic breakfast fit for a king.

Poor lady M could not sample this fantastic breakfast as she was sticking to the rules of Ramadan , which you have just got to admire her for.

Before we knew it , it was past mid-day and it was suggested that we go off and try the Hammam out. Lucky for me Lady M told Geoff he should take me to a spa for my first visit rather than go to a public one.

So after big hugs and good byes we set off for The ISIS Spa.

Once getting there we decided on having a hammam for couples… which included a full one hours massage. Now for me this was going to be a great experience especially as I am doing a massage course at college.

We stripped off and first had water thrown over us then we were washed and scrubbed , covered in henna, then washed again before being covered in clay and then left in the hot room for a while.

Now let me tell you I have never been washed and scrubbed like that before and I could well get used to it.

We were washed once more then taken off for our massage.  

Now the massage was pure heaven, so relaxing that Geoff fell asleep and snored away, after a few minutes I could not help myself and got the giggles, which started the masseur off too.

All I can hope is that when I finish my course I can give a massage as good as that.

Now I knew we were moving on the next day…. but it was yet another surprise, I knew we were going into the mountains but little did I know what was in store for me……  

And I will keep that for another day…..

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