A week of surprises…

What an amazing week I have just had, it was the week of my mystery holiday.

We arrived at Luton airport and I still did not know where I was going….3 flights left at 6am I was told to guess which one we were booked on….  all I saw was Paris and Marrakech.Morroco 003

I am sure my heart stopped beating while I tried to guess, I thought it would be Paris, Marrakech seemed far to extravagant for a birthday trip, but then I should have known better, if Geoff is going to do something he certainly does it in style.

Once I realized we were going to Marrakech I was in a state of shock and had the biggest smile you have ever seen, and that smile just got bigger and bigger all week.

Little did I realize then Just how many surprises I was in for during the week.

More to follow tomorrow……..

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3 thoughts on “A week of surprises…

  1. Foxymars

    Hi Sally, nice photos there. Here is one of my recent week-end up in Melrose last Saturday/Sunday. Lovely weather too.

  2. Ellee

    As you know, I was following you both step by step on Twitter. What a week Sally, such wonderful memories for you both. That Geoff is quite a guy.

    My one question is, why didn’t you bring the good weather back with you?

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