West Acre Estate.

Yesterday I joined up with my local Ramblers group for a 10 mile walk around the west acre estate.walk 003

The starting point was at a village called Gayton Thorpe, the village next to where I live , so I could hardly miss out on this walk.

I woke to a glorious sunny day just perfect for walking and hot enough to wear shorts too.

22 people turned up for the walk, which was mainly on permissive paths, and always quite close to where I live.

Most paths I had never walked before and only occasionally did we come across a path I had been on before.

I was hoping walk 002to remember this walk for another day with Geoff, but there is no way I can plot it out on my map. That’s where having a GPS would have been good as it could have plotted the route for me.

When heading back to Gayton Thorpe we came across a mass of blackberry bushes full of lovely plump blackberries so tomorrow I will be off to pick them if no one has beaten me too it, I may just get that jam made yet.

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4 thoughts on “West Acre Estate.

  1. sally

    Philip…I will save you some jam if i get it made… no URL for geoff’s walk just my little write ups get them all my clicking on categories and geoff GR10 walk on side bar

    jmb.. it was warm as i feel the cold….blame that on the ice at work

  2. jmb

    That’s quite a good turnout for a walk. It looks like a good day for it. Sunny and warm, although I definition of warm might vary a little.

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