Half way

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Now in Vizzavona after doing 2 days walking in 1 day . Ascent of 1170 m and descent of 2090m all in a distance of 22k no wonder my knees ache . My reward is a night in the I laricci hotel and a three course meal .tomorrow am easy day according to the french man we met at dinner . Now for a good nights sleep

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8 thoughts on “Half way

  1. Ellee

    There has been no news from you forr a few days, hope you are both ok. I have also sent Geoff a couple of texts, but had no reply. Do take care. Look forward to hearing the latest news.

  2. Andy

    mmmm 5 days and no update !!
    Maybe the laricci hotel has proved to good to leave and you’ve decided to just stay there and visualise the reminder of the trek lol

    Anyway, just thought I’d let you know that I’ve managed to enhance the skinny dipping picture, removed all the bubbles and allowed the clarity of the water to display the beauty of the scene. It will be posted on YouTube in next few days…lol

  3. jmb

    Hi Sally,
    I hope you are enjoying yourself in Corsica. It all sounds extremely strenuous to me. I’m glad you are keeping us informed this way, but I hope to hear a more detailed account later. We all loved the skinny dipping photo.

  4. Philip

    Two in one – glad to see that it goes! Better than attending a funeral! Any more photos? Best wishes from all your friends from your training weekend at Pistyll Cottage.

  5. Ellee

    Fantastic, I’ll never keep up with you when you return and we meet up for walks. How hot is it, btw. Welshcakes reports a searing heatwave in Sicily.

  6. Paddy Dillon

    Halfway – well done! Enjoy the ‘easier’ bit, but if the weather is good later, you really should try the ‘Alpine Variant’ on the way to Bavella. Good luck with the second half of the trip.

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