Greetings from Les Gets – Day 2

Well if yesterday was to break me in gentle, today was to test me !

Woke to another beautiful sunny day and got out earlier than yesterday.

We drove a short distance down to a village called Essert la Pierre, which is just out side Morzine.

Our aim was to walk up to Pointe de nantaux..

The ascent was 1100m in 2.86 miles.

Walking time was 1.5 hours with a resting time of 1.5 hours….

The descent was 1100m

Walking time 2 hours with a resting time of half an hour.

My ruc-sac weight was aprox 8kg, which included everything I am taking to Corsica , apart from my roll mat and a few bits and bobs. I have learnt to pack light , who needs deodorant and shower gel…….

Fantastic views of Mont Blanc.

Saying of the day was “GEOFF … wait for me”, one day I will walk as fast as he can 🙂

During the whole day we only met another 4 walkers , where would that happen in England on such a fantastic sunny day.


What a girl gets after a hard days walk….. A creme Brulee coup

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