A Very Demanding Walk….


A map showing all three walks we did.

On the third day we decided to walk from Glyn Ceriog to the Berwyns.

It turned out to be a very hard walk .

Paths very un-clear so most of the walking was through heather and bogs.

I even managed to sink into a bog almost up to my knees…..

We never  made it up to the top of the Berwyns, so that’s a good excuse to go back again.

Can tell you I was real pleased to see The Hand Pub where Philip was waiting to take us home.

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3 thoughts on “A Very Demanding Walk….

  1. Philip

    Some of us did get to the top of the Berwyns and back in time to collect our friends – shorter walk and no pack – and an enjoyable long wait in the very pleasant Hand. We shoudl have waited so that the long walkers could have had more time to recover and meet their friends.

  2. Geoff

    Yes I was pleased to see The Hand in Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog as well. it was a pity we didnt get the name s of the couple we met on The Berwyns.

  3. Ellee

    VEry impressive, I’m glad to hear from Geoff that your blister was ok. I have lost my big toenail from my weekend walking in the Forest of Dean, I am most upset about wearing sandals this summer and having only one big toe on show with a bright pink toe nail.

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