An Amazing Day…..

Its been Science week in Cambridge 12th to 25th March.

So on Saturday we spent the day going round the different exhibitions and talks.

First we went off to the Department of Experimental Psychology to see how our minds and brains work, there were some good hands on tests which I found very interesting.

The Arts room had an exhibition about how your body clock works and why you can feel so awful if its disrupted by shift work ,jet lag or sleep disorders. Your more likely to wake with a migraine after a night of dreaming….

The one I found most amazing was the Archaeology found at the Grand Arcade. The Archaeological work covered more than 1 Hectare of the  city centre, lasted for 12 months and involved up to 30 archaeologists on site.

It was amazing to see the display of things they had found…including pencils, shoes, pipes, bottles, pottery and skeletons of 4 cows…one which was on display.

We also went to 3 talks… Amazing Aeroplanes Big and Small.

Women, science and  history,  and  What can Ice tell us about climate change.

A real amazing  and interesting day…..

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