The Perfect Mothers day Gift..

Yet another gadget that claims to give you the perfect boiled egg.

Instead of using time to work out whether an egg is cooked to your liking, this device measures heat.

Made of clear non-toxic red plastic and shaped like an egg, it is marked with measurements for hard-boiled, medium and soft.

It is placed in the water along with the eggs, where it sits on the bottom of the pan.

As the water heats up the red shade starts to turn black, beginning around the edges and gradually moving towards the centre.

When the proportion of red and black indicates the eggs are at the level of hardness required, you simply remove them from the water and tuck in

The Egg-Perfect Colour Changing Egg Timer costs £4.97 and is being sold in high street shops as well as online. A spokesman for the makers said: “Over or undercooked eggs are a thing of the past with this heat-sensitive egg timer.

I am a bit of a sucker for gadgets, especially ones for the kitchen.

I can never get my boiled eggs just right so yes I would buy this gadget But what about you ??  or do you think its just another useless gadget and a waste of money ??

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3 thoughts on “The Perfect Mothers day Gift..

  1. Elaine

    I have one of these already – had it for about 5 years now and the kids use it all the time because it really does work!

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