Sunday at Sheringham

 Saturday evening we joined Rob, Alan and Tyrone for an Indian meal, all I was interested in  was all the talk about walking ,I got lots of advice on how to prepare for the long distance walking I want to do, and it was great to hear them say ‘ I would have no problems’

Sunday we woke up to a dry but windy day, great for walking along the coast.

16 of us set out along the coastal path towards Cromer, great walking in the wind, makes you feel fresh and alive.After coffee in Cromer we joined the Weavers way  and headed toward Felbrigg, where we did a loop before going into Felbrigg hall and grounds. They say the Library of the hall is haunted by a Ghost

After lunch we set off back going past The Roman Camp near East Runcton before joining the coastal path back to Sheringham.  

For me it was a fabulous week-end I realized I am quite a strong walker,came home full of enthusiasm and had no aches or pains.

Cannot wait for my next walk.


The information from my pedometer was…

16.7 miles

34,690 steps

1.804 cals

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3 thoughts on “Sunday at Sheringham

  1. Geoff

    Sounds as though I missed out on a great weekend and your introduction to the YHA movement. Hopefully, we can get out this weekend.

  2. Welshcakes Limoncello

    I admire your energy, Sally! I suppose I do a lot of walking here, really – out with Simi-dog at least 3 times a day, then usually I walk another mile, only that’s to supermarkets and places, and I stop at the odd café on the way! I’m rather urban, you see…

  3. Anne

    Hi Sally

    Your walks look brilliant, I’m sure I couldn’t of walked that far, without falling asleep half way through!!! Pictures are excellent, so pleased you had a lovely time.

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