Week-end of Walking…….

Today I am packing my Bag and Cleaning my Boots, ready for meeting up with Ellee for a week-end of walking in Sheringham.

We will be joining the Cambridge Rambling Club at the Youth hostel in Sheringham for what I hope will be a great week-end.

I have never walked with this group before so it will be good to meet some new people and I have never stayed at a youth hostel before so that will be interesting .

Weather forecast is good, cold but sunny, perfect for walking.

Hope you all have a good week-end,see you back here on Monday.

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4 thoughts on “Week-end of Walking…….

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  2. sally

    The womens loo’s were fine…….not sure about the men’s though as there was a nasty smell about this morning….. 🙁

    Great week-end,18 and 16 mile walks..will blog about them tomorrow 🙂

  3. Geordieboy

    Communications have been sporadic between base camp & summit team. Seems they all survived an 18miler yesterday & a curry………..not to sure about the hostels plumbing system thou ;O?

  4. Ellee

    Sally, I still haven’t packed my bags yet, Geoff keeps sending me emails with great ideas to write about on my blog! See you soon.

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