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Building up a Massage Business

It has been hard trying to build up my massage business this year and I lost a few clients who are struggling financially.

At the moment I  have a few regular clients, in and around Kings Lynn and the rest dip in and out for treats, as and when they can afford it.

I would also like to build up my massage business in Cambridge too , where I have a few weekend clients.

Some times it feels like its never going to happen,I will never get that one extra client.

Then you get that one phone call or e-mail that makes it all worth while.

Amazingly someone has just booked and paid for 10 back massages as a Christmas gift for his mum, who lives in a village just outside of Kings Lynn.

That makes me realize that its all worth while and next year could be my year !

After Christmas I intend to do a leaflet drop, I have 200 of the above leaflets printed and ready to go 🙂

Do you have any suggestions on how I might grow my massage Business ????