These are just waiting to be used …. Bit early for jam making, suppose I could try making some marmalade or even some chutney. Any suggestions ??

Sally Twitter’s for 2007-09-12

good to hear Geoff is safely over the bridge… cannot wait to see the pics # just starting to make my jam..panicking in case my pan is not big enough….. # yes Em I am missing him too…. hope your ok ?? # clearing up the mess from my jam making… found out the hard […]


    After doing my walk on Sunday and seeing all the blackberries ,today I had my son up at 10am, to come blackberry picking with me. He would usually sleep till at least mid -day so was not best pleased but he came with out a moan. So off we went on a mission to pick 4lb […]

Saving the best till last !

I really enjoyed doing all my baking and cooking over Christmas, especially when it was so enjoyed. The dish I enjoyed making the most though, had to be The Christmas Pudding, Its something I have wanted to make for many years. Thanks to my friend Caity, who made me aware of a Jamie Oliver recipe, […]

If Only…

I was able too… Take the week off work before Christmas, not to shop not to rest BUT to cook. I dream of having time to bake all our lovely Christmas food , it takes time and money though , neither which I have ! I always make a Christmas cake and this year for […]

Reaching my Goals…

Less than 4 weeks now till I go off to meet Geoff in Lima, to say I am getting excited is an understatement 🙂 I have had my ups and downs but then that’s quite normal I suppose and as someone pointed out to me… Its only human to miss your Boyfriend. This is an […]

Things to do…

As well as getting ready to make the Christmas cake… which I am going to make in a tree shaped tin. I am also hoping to find the time to make some marmalade. Most of you will know how much I enjoyed making my Jam, although I did get into a mess as my pan […]

Its Made….

Off I went first thing this morning to get my cooking apples then I was all set to make my jam. The jars were washed and put into a low oven  a) to dry them out b) to have them warm enough for the hot jam so the glass doesn’t break I prepared the blackberries and the […]